Website Performance Monitoring

The internet is rewriting our brain, literally. In a 2015 Microsoft study, it was found that the average attention span is down to about 9 seconds. Does your website have the page load times to hold people’s attention?

You’ve got a lot of information to get out and a very small window to do it. Everyone is familiar with the frustration of waiting for a slow page to load. It’s even more frustrating to pay for a great website, only to have it turn away customers because they lost interest during a slow page load. You don’t want to lose that sale, and you certainly don’t want to see customers go to your competitors because of poor website performance. Websites with 30 second load times lose 90% of their potential customers. No one wants to spend their time waiting for one business’ website to load, when they can access the other business faster.

Save your money. Spend it on Freelock’s Website Performance Monitoring service once, and you won’t have to think about it again.

We’re a company that understands website frustration and the effects it can have on your sales. There are a lot of tweaks you can make to keep this from happening, and we know them all. Freelock’s Website Performance Monitoring services work with the scaling metrics on your site to optimize load speeds per second. The average page load time is 6 seconds. Want to beat that?

We can also work with your website’s perceptual load times. These are tweaks to your page that make the viewer think the page is loading super fast, but really isn’t. Those perceptual tweaks can make the difference.

Get your consumers the information they need at the fastest times possible.

Also, with a Freelock Maintenance Contract, we take responsibility for keeping your site up-to-date and running smoothly. Besides updating modules that you currently have on the site, we manage multiple backups, a complete change history of the code on your site, and provide ongoing checks so you can be comfortable knowing your website is optimized and open for business.

Contact Freelock for an appraisal of your websites’ valuation to your company, organizational alignment, and security.

Find out what more your website can do to drive your business.