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What is Website Management?

Way back when, a company’s website was built using custom html.  Now, most organizations are realizing that if you build your website with a customer narrative, rather than a service narrative, you will reach a more engaged audience.  

Is your website bringing you the most customers it can?

Freelock can show you not just what your website can do, but what it’s capable of.  

How Does a Website Find New Customers?

How valuable is your website to your business?

A website finds new customers if it has a sizeable search resonance, high domain authority, a lot of backlinks, and a lot of click-throughs. If other websites are linking to yours, you’ll get more customers. If people are talking about your website, you’ll get more customers. This will also increase the overall value of your website. But how much more? Using SEO Optimization, Freelock will build a strategy around the strengths of your business to get your website right in front of potential new customers.

How Does a Website Streamline a Business?

Brick-and-mortar shopping is a steadily-declining means of shopping and purchasing. If you have a storefront, it’s not only smart to have a dual physical/online presence... it is necessary. But is your online presence driving as much revenue your way as it possibly can? Here are some tricks to make sure that this is happening:

  • Pay attention to user experience. Customers like websites that are attractive and easy to navigate. Most of the time, you only have one opportunity to grab a buyer’s attention.
  • Are you using the right keywords to reach the right audience?
  • Have you removed all unnecessary noise? Things like over-complex design and excessive tabs can distract and deter a potential buyer.
  • Does your site have speedy load times? If your page takes too long to load its vital content, you’ll lose your audience’s attention.

Once you sign up for Freelock services, we will send monthly blog pieces your way with real-time tips and tricks for things like:

  • Boosting website performance
  • Increasing customer reach
  • Finding out what your customers are shopping for
  • How to use your data
  • How to warm potential new customers
  • How to become a necessity for existing customers

In the new age of “online store fronts”, new technology is your website’s friend. Freelock’s approach uses the new technologies to their most-effective. If done correctly, these tools can grow a company without spending any of the company’s money. This approach is called “Content Marketing”.

Contact Freelock for an appraisal of your websites’ valuation to your company, organizational alignment, and security.

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