Website Maintenance Services

At Freelock, we continue to be impressed by those companies who embrace web as a critical piece of their business. Those companies that use their website as a strategic piece of the business instead of something that “has to be done”, find more customers and run their organizations more efficiently. It really is an incredible and affordable tool to help any business. However, we continually let our customers know that although your website doesn’t get a paycheck every week, it is certainly not free.

Efficient Website Maintenance

That said, it is incredibly cheap, if you do it right. Those companies that use the web most-effectively are on a Website Maintenance Plan to make sure their site is always working to find new customers and run the organization more effectively.

Website Maintenance Services

When a website becomes a critical strategic piece of an organization, it is imperative that this piece does the job it is supposed to do for the business. As such, making sure there are many website backups is critical. Further, making sure that every security patch has been effectively installed is also critical. If you are going to trust your website to drive your business, let’s make sure that it’s gears are oiled and its engine is ready to roll.

Website Maintenance Plan

There are many different components of every website. There is the content, the databases, the connections, the security, the architecture, it can be a bit daunting to look at all of these pieces individually. That’s why we create a website maintenance plan. This website maintenance plan consistently monitors your website for a number of different of abnormalities. Our proactive monitoring makes sure that your website does its job for your business. In the unlikely event of an outage, our redundancies ensure the outage is minimal in time and impact.

If you are curious to know how to run your website as a strategic piece of your enterprise, contact Freelock to learn more.