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Creating a website is just the very first thing that happens with it. For it to be an effective asset for your business, you'll need to keep it up to date, maintained, and in good shape over the long haul.

Imagine you're a store owner. How much time would you put into creating the store, painting the walls, creating the sign up front, compared to daily merchandising, cleaning the floors, making sure your security measures are working effectively over the long haul?

Just like a store, your website is a property that needs ongoing maintenance, attention to security, regular upkeep. And this is the backbone of Freelock's service offerings -- we keep your site current, secure, and always ready to handle customer traffic.

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Meltdown in action

The Spectre of a Meltdown

The news was supposed to come out Tuesday, but it leaked early. Last week we learned about three variations of a new class of attacks on modern computing, before many vendors could release a patch -- and we come to find out that the root cause may be entirely unpatchable, and can only be fixed by buying new computers.

Today Microsoft released a patch -- which they had to quickly pull when they discovered that it crashed computers with AMD chips.

Essentially Spectre and Meltdown demonstrate a new way of attacking your smartphone, your laptop, your company's web server, your desktop, maybe even your tv and refrigerator.

Meltdown - Animated
Meltdown in Action

This all sounds dreadfully scary. And it is... but don't panic! Instead, read on to learn how this might affect you, your website, and what you can do to prevent bad things from getting worse.

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We offer maintenance plans for:

  • WordPress sites
  • Drupal sites
  • Other PHP-based CMSs
  • Linux web servers

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