Module Development

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Getting the group into the URL with Purl

The corners of Drupal 8 that aren't there are quickly dwindling, but there are still some that need to get worked out. While upgrading our internal issue tracker, we hit a new one -- getting a group context set via a URL alias, and generally keeping posts within a group.

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Web Site Development

Website Development is the core of what we do here at Freelock. Here are a few ways that we build you the website of your dreams, and make sure that your customershave a great experience on your website as well. 

Drupal Module Development

Modules are extensions to Drupal sites that enable extra functionality.

Need a blog? Turn on a module.

Want to resize images? Turn on a module.

Do your laundry? Yeah, that’s a custom designed module…

Our team has created and contributed to many Drupal modules and we have created countless custom modules for our clients.