Server Maintenance

Drupal runs best on a server set up and tuned for Drupal's needs. Drupal does not perform well in typical shared server environments. Most of our clients either have their own servers, or have us manage a server for them in the Cloud.

Our server management plan includes monitoring, managing backups, and regular system updates from the operating system vendors.

We support multiple variations of the actual server stack -- and for the newest layouts that use Docker, the main benefit is having automatic upgrades of docker containers managed by our central configuration management system -- perfect if you don't have your own configuration management but want a secure, high-performance, self-hosted server for your Drupal site.

Terms & Conditions

a. Server administration includes management of basic servers necessary to support a Drupal stack - Linux, Apache/Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB/Postgresql, PHP (mod_php, php-fpm), Docker, dnsmasq -- and a selected number of other common applications (SSH, Awstats, Postfix - outgoing mail server configuration)

b. Server administration does include one or two minor system-administration requests, such as creating new user accounts, fixing permissions, creating new sites, and similar.

c. Server administration does not include other server administration unrelated to our standard Drupal configurations (e.g. we do not include managing an LDAP server, an inbound SMTP server, POP/IMAP servers, or similar) under this plan, but may be added at additional cost.

d. To support our Drupal administration tools, we need PHP-CLI version 5.5 or later.

e. We support recent releases of Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, RedHat, or SuSE/OpenSuse.

f. If the server is provisioned or upgraded to our standard Docker-based layout, maintenance is "perpetual" -- upgrades of the underlying host to a current "Long Term Support" release are included at no extra charge.g. Compatibility with server control panels like CPanel or Plesk is not guaranteed -- often systems cannot be properly maintained without breaking functionality in these programs.

h. Server maintenance plans do not include cost of the server. This is a service plan only. For optimal Drupal performance, we recommend a minimum of 2 CPUs, 2GB of RAM, and 30GB of drive space.

i. Server maintenance does include uptime monitoring and performance monitoring with Freelock's current sysop tools (at this writing, Icinga and Prometheus). We make every effort to respond immediately to outages and downtime, but at this time our Service Level Agreement is to provide recovery within 2 business days.

j. For on-premises servers, for us to be able to provide services, we need the following firewall rules open:

Port Service
22 or 36358 SSH
80, 443 http, https

Service monitoring -- only need access from (optional -- we cannot provide full uptime monitoring without this)

Outbound Server must be able to contact our "salt master" at, DNS, Drupal git sources, outgoing email delivery, and operating system package repositories