Drupal Protection Plan

Perfect for simple Drupal sites and mature sites with a minimum of additional work to be done, our maintenance plan includes module and security updates and any site modifications required to maintain normal site functionality. Very simple changes beyond site maintenance may be available on a case-by-case basis depending on developer resources.

Terms & Conditions:

a. Covers one dedicated Drupal site. Does not include multi-site or multi-domain sites (see our other maintenance plans for those).

b. Site must be on a server with Freelock management tools installed (minimum shell access, git and wp-cli), or a supported managed host (currently Pantheon or Acquia).

c. Includes updates to Drupal core and contributed modules, as long as there is a documented update path (e.g. if all contributed modules have an automatic upgrade path from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, we will provide major upgrades with no extra charge. However, if there is a release that does not have an automatic update, billable hours will be used to resolve the data upgrades).

d. Does not include updates to custom site-specific modules, or contributed modules that have been patched for only this site -- these types of updates use billable hours.

e. Module updates are prioritized according to security and vulnerablity of your site. We evaluate whether a module update fixes a vulnerability that could be exploited on your site -- if we judge that your site is not vulnerable, we may not immediately update the module. However, we do eventually apply all module updates that do not break site functionality.

f. Updates will be applied to a test/development/staging copy of the site before being applied to production, at no extra charge.

g. Non-critical updates may be reviewed/approved by the customer before being deployed into production, or we can notify you after we have tested/applied the update. Let us know your preference.

h. Updates that break functionality on the site may be rolled back to earlier versions, unless they fix a vulnerability in your site. If an update is required that breaks functionality on your site, you may choose to have us disable that module, or use billable hours to fix.

i. 30 day notice required for cancellation of services.

j. Release policy is as follows, unless customer preference is communicated: 1 day notification, anytime of the day. Optional release preferences - 

Notification for release:
  • Notify on release
  • 2 hour notification
  • 1 day notification (default)
  • 2 day notification
  • Notify and hold for green light
Time window:
  • Weekday AM
  • Weekday PM
  • Weekday Eve
  • Weekend Eve
  • Anytime (default)