World Vision Knit for Kids

When the team at World Vision approached us in late 2015 to work on a few of their Drupal sites, they also had their Knit for Kids website that was in WordPress. They wanted to take that site and bring it into Drupal. When we started development Drupal 8 wasn’t quite stable, so we started the site development on Drupal 7 (ask us about our migration practices!), with our Business Site Package.

We first started by identifying their most pressing needs, along with their wish list items, to establish budget. They wanted to make their site mobile-responsive, better integration of their web forms with their administrative processes, and set up some work-flow rules to manage those user content submissions – just to name a few. We spun up our Business Site Package installation, then migrated their content from WordPress over to Drupal. After that, we applied their brand colors, logos, fonts and general pages that are included with our base package template. From there, we started in on some of their more custom development – those niceties that are very specific to an organization.

We launched summer of 2016, and since they purchased the Business Site package, they are also enjoying a year of Drupal Site Maintenance + 1 hour of support/mo. For a year, which is included in the site package. We are very appreciative to be a partner of the World Vision organization! They are a great team and do very good work.