World Vision Chinese/Korean Websites

World Vision Chinese site

World Vision decided to partner with Freelock in September of 2015 for their Chinese and Korean websites. Headquartered in Federal Way, Washington – this was a perfect fit! We took plenty of time discussing the pain points their product owners were having with the sites, then building out an appropriate retainer plan to provide support services.

We took on both the Chinese and Korean sites without a Freelock Drupal Site Assessment, so we did get hit with a few gotchas after we did the site intakes. We noticed a lot of custom code built in the website, which made it difficult when trying to build out new functionality and making sure that that code wasn’t conflicting and breaking other areas of the site. Much of this custom code was part of the reason their product owners were getting frustrated when trying to make some simple improvements, or update features.

Freelock was able to identify conflicts with the underlying code, address items off their wish list, clean up some of the code on the back-end, and ensure that new features were working properly. We continue to partner with World Vision on both of these sites on a retainer plan, providing Drupal maintenance and applying security/module updates on their mEduction Alliance website, and building out a brand new Base Business Site in Drupal 7 for their Knit for Kids site, which they moved out of WordPress.  

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