University of Washington Center for Reinventing Public Education (CRPE)

We originally partnered with CRPE's in-house web manager in 2012. He was familiar with the content management aspect of Drupal, but needed a bit of support with the more intricate ways that Drupal can extend a CMS. We started with an enhancement project to develop a snapshot comparison system. Once launched, they opted for a monthly retainer plan, to support their day-to-day operations as a partner and to offer consultation on best practices. In addition, they moved onto the monthly site maintenance and server maintenance plans. In 2014, they suspended services, as they needed to buckle down on expenses and the web developer felt confident moving forward.

Then, in December of 2015, with their web developer moving out of the organization, they needed someone to provide site and server maintenance, so they reached back out to us. We made sure that their site and server were all still configured with our environments (they were), then set up a budget allowance to assist their staff with any bugs that they needed resolved or feature enhancements on their wish list. We love this kind of partnership and while it may only be in the interim, we're happy that we're able to provide the folks at UW-CRPE the support and service they expect from Freelock!  

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