National Center for Science Education

In June of 2015, our colleague recommended our Drupal maintenance services to the National Center for Science Education. Our colleague was looking forward to large project and just didn't have the bandwidth to maintain their website. But, since we have our maintenance processes streamlined and love taking on new clients, this was a no brainer!

We started by syncing up their site to our dev and staging environments. Then we applied all necessary updates. Since then, NCSE has requested additional work and is on a monthly retainer, which is quite common with our clients. The Freelock retainer plan offers our clients' peace of mind, knowing that they can simply pick up a phone and get excellent service. Also, for clients that are on a retainer plan, we tend to waive any sort of emergency fee for high priority requests. We've very much enjoyed this brand new partnership with NCSE and look forward to many more years of service.