Locker Soccer Academy

Locker Soccer Acadamy

In December of 2013, our friends at Locker Soccer Academy reached out to us regarding their soccer academy sites, that were already developed by a shop in Colombus, Ohio. The development shop was closing and they referred Locker Soccer to us.

When we took over development, the website wasn't fully built out and still had a few missing pieces that the client wanted. We started out with a site assessment, then went full speed ahead with planning, to properly scope the project. The client needed ways to allow coaches to take attendance, increase the e-commerce functionality, and develop more functionality around their business rules. In addition, we have created membership logic around sign-up processes.

Locker Soccer has remained a client with us for almost three years and part of our retainer support plan. In early summer 2016, we completed a full re-skinning of the theme design and moved migrated their two separate location sites into one main site -- saving them monthly hosting and server expenses. In addition, working closely with their web team, we were able to identify the pain points, implement those solutions, while also giving the site a much more modern look and feel. We love the folks at Locker Soccer and hope to stay a partner with them for many years to come!