Lease Crutcher Lewis

In December of 2013, we were contacted by Lease Crutcher Lewis to take over their hosting. Their site is a great contender for Drupal 8! They were also interested in our Drupal maintenance plan and our Drupal Site Assessment. After we completed the site assessment, we identified many areas that could be easily cleaned up, such as duplicate content types, convoluted ways of adding content to different categories on the site, and non-standard Drupal techniques that were hard-coded in the theme.

Right out of the gate, we set up testing and staging environments, then updated all modules to bring them current. We also identified a Drupal security vulnerability and patched that. They have been on our maintenance plan ever since, and have consistently contacted us with additional work to improve upon their site. 

Currently, they are planning a major overhaul of their theme and a project is in the works to get their site mobile responsive -- with an eventual upgrade in Drupal versions. Freelock and Lease Crutcher Lewis have enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership, where Freelock is very much involved with the DevOps of their site, consistently providing support and guidance on Drupal best practices.