Jim Ovia Foundation

We originally worked with the main Jim Ovia stakeholder on a separate project, when she worked with a different giving organization. She then reached out to us in September of 2015 to let us know that the Jim Ovia Foundation was looking to build a new website and platform for the foundation. Based on the RFP that she presented to us, we were able to give her a proposal to get them their desired result.

We were awarded the contract in November of 2015 and started with our base Business Site Package. We began by scoping out their requirements, planning the user stories, then breaking those down into easily manageable chunks of work. We worked agile throughout the entire development process, since original concepts do and will change with several iterations of planning and development.

The site launched in March of 2016 in preparation for their open scholarship announcement. In total we built a brand new Drupal 7 site with the following custom functionality: migration of old site content that was on a SaaS platform, front-end scholarship application portal, back-end scholarship management system with sensitive user data security in place, sleek events and photo blog, volunteer application submission and management, press room, and more!

It was a great experience to work on a fully custom scholarship portal from the ground up. Since the client started with our base Business Site Package, they have a year of included monthly site maintenance and one hour of support per month. Thanks partners at Jim Ovia!

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