About Geocko

Geocko builds powerful tools that save time and increase engagement for nonprofit organizations.  They simplify tasks, so organizations can stay forcused on running programs and changing the world. 

The Project

Geocko asked us to build a system that would pull in information from designated social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc) and display it in a grid of tiles.  Each tile would display the title of the social media post and the title image would be the first/primary image on the post.  They wanted users to be able to hover over the title to get additional data about the project.  When a user hovered, they would also be able to donate to the project associated with the post. 


We built a custom system to pull in and parse social media feeds that project/organization owners added to the site.  We then built a custom system using Dojo (a JavaScript library) and Drupal's Views module to render that information in the grid layout described above along with custom pop-up tooltips.  We then were able to link the information display to the output of a donation tracking system Geocko built in parallel to our work.  We also built a custom interface for adding multiple social media feed URLs. 


With custom systems being built this project took six weeks. 

If a customized integration of social media activity is what you need for your organization, lets talk!