Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center eagle-i Integration

About Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s (FHCRC) Shared Resources core facilities support biomedical research by providing services and expertise that permit more rapid translation of laboratory studies into clinical applications, improve the feasibility and efficiency of clinical trials, and serve as focal points for access to technology.  These facilities give investigators, both on and off campus, opportunities to augment their research with resources that would not otherwise be possible, convenient or cost effective in each individual laboratory.

The Project

FHCRC Shared Resources Library created an award winning Shared Resources Website that was integrated with the Eagle-I network, hosted by Harvard University. Eagle-I is a national research resource discovery platform that helps biomedical scientists search for and find previously invisible, but highly valuable, resources. The Library staff in discussion with the Eagle-I team at Harvard, began to explore the best method to develop a system which would seamlessly propagate descriptions and metadata from their Drupal CMS to the central eagle-I node. This led them to Freelock and the customization work we do.


We worked with the Shared Resources Library staff and the Eagle-I team to create this customized Drupal module. It was designed to reside within the existing Shared Resources website and copies the sites content to the local Eagle-I node which then hands the data along to Eagle-I central for inclusion in the master directory. FHCRC now only needs to create or edit content in one location (their Drupal site) and once published, key elements of that same material are instantly pushed to the Eagle-I network.


This project took 3 months to complete.

When we completed the project we posted the eagle-I node on Additional information on this project can be found on the National Networks of Libraries of Medicine website.

If a customized Drupal module, or connecting to a larger network platform are what you need for your organization, let’s talk! And if you need to connect to Eagle-I from a Drupal site, we'd love to continue developing and improving this module...

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