We were approached in late 2015 by a marketing/design agency to take over this project. Their Drupal developer was on her way out and they needed some Drupal expertise. The website was just in the beginning stages, so we were able to work closely with the agency, along side with the end clients' stakeholders to get their site launched in December of 2015.

Since then, we’ve done several enhancements to the site design and functional aspects. Each step of development we’ve maintained to develop in a mobile responsive manner, ensure proper testing and rounds of edits with their design team.

We've implemented some really cool scroll effects, video player implementation, a request to be an advisor entity form with back-end management, along with some other really awesome design features!

We now work directly with the stakeholders for exclusive website development. They are currently on our retainer, site and server plans. As a design and UX focused brand, we are consistently working closely with their marking and design departments to execute a top-tier product, which showcases their fresh brand.  

Additional Screenshots