Appliance Standards Awareness Project - ASAP

Appliance Standards Awareness Project (ASAP) organizes and leads a broad-based coalition effort that works to advance, win and defend new appliance, equipment and lighting standards which deliver large energy and water savings, monetary savings and environmental benefits.

The entirety of the project was a Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 upgrade and custom site development. But, before we got started on the meat of the project, the client wanted a Freelock Site Assessment to gauge not only the current state of their site, but also to set reasonable expectations on what it will take for the larger project. In addition, the Site Assessment includes a Drupal 6 or 7 dry-run Drupal 8 content migration.

Once Freelock and the client both understood the reasonable expectations for the larger upgrade project, we then started with planning on how continuous content migration and the Drupal 8 upgrade path will happen. Our first sprint was the migration aspect, then the second sprint was to drop in our Business Site Package template, which includes everything from an out-of-the-box theme to media management tools to essential marketing tools. Our site package also gets us ahead quicker for more customized feature development.

The next sprint involved re-creating the custom views, re-architecture of the site, and ensuring that the mapping of data for all the products would work as expected. We were very concerned with the data tables and wanted to pay special attention to that functionality. We also wanted to ensure that when they updated the prior year's data, that it would translate into the new year's database appropriately. So, we built out that functionality and full testing scenarios using Behat. In addition, they wanted to make sure their interactive map feature was fully responsive in Drupal 8, so we payed close attention to that functionality.

The client also wanted a new look and feel to the site. They worked with an independent design firm to get that new brand in place. We coordinated and worked with the design firm to theme out the new site, followed with several rounds of review and testing.

We launched in early March 2017. Currently, we provide site Drupal security, core, and module maintenance updates, which is part of our 'Drupal Protection Plan'. Appliance Standards is also on our monthly hourly retainer program, and we continuously provide one-on-one consultation.

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