American College for Healthcare Sciences (ACHS)

ACHS originally partnered with Freelock in August of 2011 to perform some easy wins on their site. We started with a Freelock Site Assessment and code review of their Drupal 6 website. After that, we brought the site modules up to current versions, fixed navigation for better user experience, merged blogs to their site, and cleaned up the media management admin experience. These were some big wins for the client, and since then they have partnered with us to provide ongoing monthly maintenance and one-off support requests for the past five years.

Then, in March of 2016, ACHS were thinking about upgrading to version 8 of Drupal, since D6 was being phased out, and doing a redesign. We began with a migration dry-run to see what would get pulled over on top of our built-out base Business Site Package. Their content was able to get pulled over, with us then identifying what custom views needed to be rebuilt, in response to a new information architecture they had in mind. Freelock worked with ACHS to identify user stories and to map out how their new design template might work with their underlying architecture.

After several rounds of review and implementing requested changes based on client feedback, we were able to launch their site to production in late July 2016. Included in the base Business Site Package is a year of hostingmonthly site maintenance and one hour of support per month. We're happy to continue this long lasting relationship with the folks at ACHS!