What do you need to know about your website? What don't you don't know? Freelock's new Vision Plan covers a different topic each month, doing a deep-dive to highlight a specific topic area related to the fundamentals all websites need to consider: Reach, Engagement, Delivery, Security, Performance, and User Experience. We can fill in your blind spots and identify what you need to do next to make your website, and your organization, succeed.

Website Appraisal

We often start with an Appraisal of your website, where we determine a monetary value based on what we can determine about:

  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Delivery
  • Security
  • Performance
  • User Experience


When you need deeper technical insights into your website, we can help. With decades of experience and deep technical expertise, we are often brought in by other agencies to diagnose performance issues, custom coding practices, Disaster Recovery, or DevOps practices.

Our "Wellness Checklist" gets tailored for your site and fills a Quality Assurance role that extends well beyond what a typical QA firm will even look at.

What we cover includes:

  • Network configuration
  • Database optimization
  • Linux operating system issues
  • Container orchestration
  • PHP debugging or profiling
  • Javascript debugging or profiling
  • Deployment processes
  • Developer Workflow
  • Disaster Recovery planning
  • Risk assessments

Vision Plan

Our newest initiative is to take what we've learned over the decades, and bring it to our clients in small, digestible chunks along with a plan for action.

Each month we do a deep dive on a particular topic, writing a summary of what you need to know about that topic as a site owner.

Then, on our Vision Plan, we run through a checklist specifically for that topic and create a plan of action for what we recommend you next!