Do people who visit your website become your customers?

The reality is that a website visit does not necessarily actually lead to more money in your cash drawer, unless you are conducting e-commerce or selling ads. Admittedly, this website visit has some value regarding awareness. However, customers are being inundated with information in today’s society. The best websites take existing website traffic and turn these visits into potential new customers. This process is called “Website Conversion”.

How do I convert Leads on my Website?

One of the most-fundamental tenants in website conversion is that if you are going to ask a potential customer for something, you have to compensate them with something of value. There are plenty of ways for organizations to reward their website visitors with something of value that fosters a deeper relationship with the visitor. There are many techniques to choose from and they all depend on the type of customer you are trying to find and what business objectives you are trying to achieve.

  • Live Chat: Many customers visit a website to solve an immediate issue. In fact, some individuals may visit a website to solve an immediate need. One of the most-effective tools to make sure that your customers issues can be resolved is Live Chat. According to, 92% of customers feel satisfied when they use the live chat feature. Live chat, used effectively, can make any potential customer feel included and comfortable with the company.
  • Email Capture: For companies and organizations that have some reservations about 24/7 support—an email capture still proves to the visitor that you are still interested in helping them out. Some of the more-effective techniques require a token of appreciation returned to the customer.
  • Lead Qualifying: Some websites house the ability to guide potential customers to the right offering depending on what they are looking for. Questionnaires can help customers find exactly what they are looking for and can also inform the company about the profile of the customer—thus ensuring a stronger relationship.

How does Website Conversion work?

Whatever path you choose for your website conversion, customers expect a certain level of follow-up to help ensure that visitors to the site are treated with care to further their relationship with the business or organization. While some websites transact revenue, the majority of them do not—they simply introduce a potential customer to an organization. It’s often up to the organization itself to close the deal.

Are you ready for your website to turn visitors into new customers?

If you are ready to explore what website conversion can do to turn visitors into new customers for your business or organization, contact Freelock to understand how your website can drive your business forward.