When you’re running a business, especially a small business, there are a lot of moving parts to pay attention to. Filling orders, staffing, budgeting, sales projections, ordering supplies... all of these are parts that help the business move forward. At Freelock, we are very familiar with the parts surrounding your website. Part of our job is to get that website relevant, sleek, and converting. Once that crucial step is reached, the next step is to engage in successful business with your customers. This is the step where your website starts speaking to your bottom line.

How many times have you gone online to pay a bill, purchase something, check messages, cancel a service, reference account information, etc…. and you get a message that directs you to a phone number or location that handles that request? Ease of use is not the top priority for that website, nor is time management. It’s frustrating.

Delivery is a service that is provided by Freelock to better your relationship with customers. Delivery services the information people need to provide the services you give.

What does this mean?

Your business will serve people better if they can access their information with ease. In an increasingly plugged-in world, vast amounts of information are exchanged via website. Customers have come to expect that. Web portals are an indispensable tool. They make it easier for businesses to:

  • Provide customer account information
  • Customize products and services between individual customers
  • Book clients
  • Convert new clients
  • Make sales
  • Collect payments on services
  • Respond to inquiries
  • Etc.

Website portal design is included in Freelock’s services. After your initial website audit, we will make recommendations on which parts of your website would benefit from a web portal.  

Website security is another indispensable tool and a presiding part of our service package. Information exchange at a sensitive level like passwords, addresses, and payment information requires steps toward safe-guarding. Customers want to know their info is secure. When you are our client, they will get that assurance when they look at the bottom of the page and see the Freelock logo.