Virtual Concerts - MOR at Your Home



Three virtual programs take you on a journey of resilience and hope.

  • Ghetto Songs – December 2021
  • Art From Ashes – in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day January 27
  • Injustice – April 2022 

Thanks to you, our series of online concerts during the pandemic 2020-2021 season had a real impact, and we’ll be continuing them alongside our live performances. You can look forward to highlights like Erich Parce’s new dramatic realization of Paul Schoenfield’s Ghetto Songs, based on verses of the great Yiddish poet Mordecai Gebirtig. Erich does his magic again as both baritone and director.

Our annual Art From Ashes program, marking the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, features works by musical talents whose very existence the Nazis hoped to erase from history: Gideon Klein, Pavel Haas, Dick Kattenburg, James Simon, Viktor Ullmann, Carlo Taube, Ilse Weber, as well as two amazing but rarely-performed tangos from Auschwitz and Buchenwald.

The program Injustice showcases Aleppo, a recent work by Portuguese composer Luis Tinoco inspired by the resilience of that city’s besieged inhabitants. We’ll also perform Three Dream Portraits, Black composer Margaret Bonds’ setting of moving poems by Langston Hughes; Kurt Weill songs of biting anti-Nazi satire and anti-apartheid protest; and intimate chamber works by Hans Krása and Erwin Schulhoff.

Our virtual concerts provide the opportunity to see and hear your favorite MOR core artists up close, and to discover new talents performing with us for the first time.

MOR String Trio
Violinist Mikhail Shmidt, violist Susan Gulkis Assadi and cellist Walter Gray perform string trios by Dick Kattenburg and Géza Frid. Credit: Ben VanHouten
Kovno Orchestra
Kovno Orchestra