Seattle, Washington, March 31, 2020. For immediate release.

In this time of rapid change and uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to ensure the integrity, strength and smooth running of your website. Freelock has been innovating in this area by taking a “portfolio-based” approach to web development. This means keeping your site fully up-to-date, secure, and recoverable in case of an attack, hardware failure, or accidental deletion.

To that end, FuseIQ and Freelock are combining into a single firm, and moving forward as Freelock LLC!

Freelock focuses on a special topic that changes month to month, evaluating all of their clients on how they stack up, and what they could do better. Topics include things like web accessibility, privacy, page speed/performance, user experience, conversion, and more. With a broader base of clients, Freelock can streamline processes and deliver more insight and value across the board.

About Freelock

Freelock was founded in 2002 by John Locke as a web development and consulting firm specializing in web sites and applications. Freelock brings particular expertise in Drupal, WordPress, DevOps, Linux administration, and E-commerce.

About FuseIQ

Driven by a desire to bring meaning into his work, in 2001, Tim Godfrey left an early internet startup in the midst of the "dotcom" boom and launched a business developing websites for nonprofit organizations. Shortly thereafter, he partnered with his good friend and fellow outdoor adventurer, Joel Meyers. They formed what eventually became Fuse IQ. They set out to create a technology company that would balance economic profit with social profit, building websites that mattered. Since that time Fuse IQ has been developing websites and web applications for nonprofit and for profit organizations alike. In recent years Fuse IQ has developed expertise working with a variety of healthcare related clients, developing sites on the WordPress and Drupal platforms.


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