Websites present multiple access points to potential conversions, and it is in the best interests of your organization to unlock every one of them.  The savviest organization uses their website as a listening tool to see what customers actually want.  It saves you time and resources and gives them tailored value.

A Website with a Consistent Message

Whatever your organization, be it e-commerce, service, non-profit, etc., you’ll need a functioning website as more and more people take to the internet for discovery and purchases.  Freelock can build a website for you that is functional, and follows a consistent brand message.  These two things speak to the credibility of your organization, and will convince a potential buyer of your value.  Remember: your website is a 24/7 employee and brand ambassador.  Invest in that employee with effective strategies like mobile/desktop accessibility, faster load times, search capability, intuitive design, data protection, customer portals, and analytics.

A Well-Built Website Saves an Organization Time and Money

Freelock uses its own website with these principles.  We’ve listened to our customers and learned that most organization leaders are concerned with the balancing act between running operations and obtaining business.  A fully optimized website helps balance those crucial elements and saves you time and money.  Here’s an example: we recently worked with a shipping company that used a call center to report on the statuses of client shipments.  By creating a tracking portal, clients can now log in and see shipping statuses without having to call in and talk to an employee.  The company reduced overhead costs by implementing an efficient, intuitive portal on their website.  That company no longer needs to spend thousands of dollars to answer questions that their 24/7 employee can in real time. 

Website Analytics Drive Website Performance

We’re geeky for web analytics.  Check out our approach to data ingestion, meta-tagging, and data models, and how we build those insights into a website’s architecture.  By understanding buyer behavior, we can help you reach the right customers and increase value for existing ones.

Schedule a Website Assessment

Schedule a site assessment for your website today.  If a website is an organization’s property, don’t you want the best property management company on the market?

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